Sunday, November 27, 2011

San Fran update & where I've been...

Sadly I didn't get the job that would have had me travelling to San Francisco monthly (they went with someone 'younger') (seriously she let that kind of slip...).  But, I believe that it might have been a good thing that I didn't get it.  As a semi start up, they could have used the experiences I have, but come to find out when trying to get my 'money back' (expenses that I didn't know I was going to incur, they charged ALL of the hotel bill to me), I had to call to find out where my reimbursement was.  I soon realized that this young group definitely has some learning to do.  Kind of sad though, I really looked forward to it, but I do have to realize that the tech world is always going to be newer and well... I'm not!  LOL  Anyways, got a fun quick trip to San Fran (1st time) out of the deal and some amazing pictures.  No regrets.

So, where I've been - got a call back from another job that I had initially applied for as well, one for a doctor/CEO for cancer research (they also hired someone else) - but poor woman's mom fell ill and she left the position after 5 weeks.  Apparently, I was the next candidate, so the HR Director called to see where I was and asked if I'd be interested in TEMPING for the position (with the potential of being hired).  Given the 'enticement' $$ he offered, uh, hello!! Hell yes!!  LOL   Hey, I'm old - I need the increase. 

I've been working there now for about a week (putting in lots of overtime) and now I'm getting ready to head to NEW YORK!!! for a Board meeting - yippie... (okay, so its work and the potential of getting OUT is slim) but at least I didn't have to pay for my hotel bill (or flight) here.  Older group.  (lol)  So look for the pictures (oh, but bought a mini camera) - the REBEL is a bit chunky and I have lots of work stuff to drag along too. 

Wish me luck peeps, I really would love to be in a position for a bit longer again - but just VERY grateful for the opportunities and the luck that has been given me.

Love ya!

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